Be still and know…and hold my drink!

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The COVID19 Pandemic has many states within the United States in a #stayhomestaysafe mode in an effort to slow the spread and flatten the curve of this virus. As a result many Americans have found themselves in an unfamiliar situation….they are being told to rest and be still. They have gone from full throttle to an emergency break of sorts being forced on their lives.

But if we are real about this situation we have found ourselves in we are struggling with the concept of rest. We are struggling with being still. We are struggling with our calendars being wiped blank. Why? Because it is not our norm.

So here are some thoughts I have been having. Things I am considering in my season of rest. Some what if’s if you will.

What if God is trying to show us that some of our norms are not the norms He designed us to function in?

I wonder….had we become too busy? Too busy for time with Him. Too busy for family dinners around the table. Too busy to get outside and play with our kids in the yard. Just plain too busy to enjoy the things He designed for us to enjoy.

To both of those questions I posed and have pondered I answer with a YES!

Yesterday I read Psalms 46:10 for like the millionth time in my life but found new life in it. Here is the verse from the NLT version:

Be still, and know that I am God!

I WILL be honored by every nation.

I WILL be honored throughout the world.

I read this and said wow!

It was like I could see God saying to me “Be still, be with your family, rest, enjoy….and hold my drink (water or maybe wine) and watch what I will do!” Then it is like I could see him dashing out the door to fight the battles outside our homes. Him commanding his angles over our leadership (church, state and local government, our President and federal government leadership), healthcare providers, nurses, first respondent’s, hospitals, and anyone out there in the battlefield during this virus.

Then as I stood there holding his drink and felt helpless. But we are not helpless as we have the power of prayer! AND we have the time to PRAY!

This picture ignited a fire in me! We can be still and find rest and still be found furthering His kingdom from within the 4 walls of our home. Technology is good but I am going to also suggest something old school here….hit your knees in prayer! In times of war those back on the home front can support those in the battlefield the most by praying!

Those of us being still at home have no excuses now! Our calendars are clear. We find our selves with unlimited time on our hands. My question to you is what will we utilize this time for?

Be Still.



Hold His Drink and watch the victory.

He WILL be honored by every nation throughout the world!

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