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I asked myself this question today:

When did I allow fear to tell me my neighbors, friends, family and loved ones are threats and enemies to mine and my families health?

And for me the answer was clear!

It was the moment I leaned on the world’s understanding….the media which told me this is something new….something unknown….something with no known treatment or cure.

It was when I leaned on this understanding that is backed by unknowns that I began to fear my neighbors, friends, family and loved ones.

So who should I lean on?

Well, my Savior tells me to trust in Him with all my heart and to not rely on my own understanding (or even the world’s understanding). He tells me if I seek Him in all I do that He WILL show me the path to take. (Proverbs 3:5)

So when I hear this is new, like nothing We have ever seen I say….Fake News!

Why? Because the “Good news” tells me history merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

Sickness is not new.

Death is not new.

Suffering is not new.

Disease is not new.

Fear of man and the unknown is not new.

This pandemic is not new.

I am not discounting the lives affected but I am trying to convey that what we are experiencing has been experienced before and will be again. History repeating itself. For me I am removing the layers of fear that I have allowed to clog and blur my vision. I am choosing to lean on my Savior!

Why? Because He has overcome this world and everything in it! Death, sickness, disease, fear, temptation, pandemics!

He is still moving mountains.

He is still doing miracles.

He will heal our land!

It starts with me!

It starts with you!

It starts by us all leaning on Him who knows all and nothing to Him is new or unknown!

~Liz Coffel

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