Follow Me

As He walked past my tax booth I so badly wanted to leave my station and go to Him….just to talk with Him a moment. Discover the mystery within Him.

Then He stopped and turned and called my name! He knew me! As He looked at me with His gentle eyes. He again called me by name and said “Follow me”. Me, He wants me?

Surely He must be confusing me with another…

My very own father and family do not recognize me as their own…

But He called me by name! He must mean me!

But I am a tax collector! I am viewed by many as unworthy, useless, the enemy of the people.

Again He called me by name and said “Follow me”.

I jolted to the reality it was no mistake! He called me by name! He knows me! He asked me to follow him…. I WILL follow Him.

I exited my booth, left my occupation behind handing the guard my keys and I joined Him and walked with him, and followed Him.

♥️I am His ♥️ He is mine ♥️
♥️He called me by name ♥️

My name is Matthew the tax collector. He called me by name, asked me to follow Him and I turned to Him, accepted His invitation and I walked with Him.

He knows YOUR name! He calls you by YOUR name! He extends the same invitation today as He did that day to me…. He says “Follow Me”.

He doesn’t care what your occupation is.

He doesn’t what title you hold or have held.
He doesn’t care what your family thinks.
He doesn’t care what mistakes you have made.
He cares deeply about YOU and your future!

So what do you say? Will you follow Him?

For this is how God loves the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will have eternal life.
John 3:16

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