To Be Remembered

To Be Remembered

I asked this question the other day:

What would you like for Mother’s Day?

Here are some of the responses I got:

-Any thing homemade
-Flowers/plants/gardening things
-Not to cook or do dishes
-See and hug my kids/grandkids
-Salvation for my kids/family

But it was the last response that crushed my heart and spurred me to write this blog post today.

The response was: To Be Remembered.

I am most grateful for this individuals response as it was raw and real. And to that individual this is for you ♥️

We all want to be remembered.

When God formed us in our mother’s womb he designed us each with individual beauty, qualities, talents, characteristics.

He knew no matter what that His design was perfect. That each of us in His design for our life were also equipped with the strength and courage to carry out and carry on with the plan and purpose He had for our life.

As women we crave closeness. We were designed to care for and love others. In this design we also long to be remembered.

From the moment a woman hears the first cry of their baby at delivery she immediately craves to hold that baby in her arms. From that very moment she understands this child will be her legacy. This child will remember her.

Today, Mother’s Day, is filled with celebration of this exact relationship a mom has with her children. She is the focal point, she is the guest of honor and she is being remembered and cherished.

Today I have a word for the women who feel they are in the back of the mom crowd. The women who long to be remembered and cherished.

To these women I know this holiday brings much pain, sadness, and questions.

To this woman who today may be questioning her design.

To this woman who is trying keep it together while inside is completely tore up.

To this woman who longs for motherhood but it just hasn’t happened.

To this woman who longs for motherhood and it did happen but it ended in loss.

To this woman who today feels they are lost in the crowd and shadows of this holiday…

To this want I want to remember you and remind you of the following:

First and foremost you are not forgotten.

You were designed by the one who spoke your very surroundings into existence.

Your design is not flawed.

Your body is not broken.

Your design is….

On point

Your design is building and leaving the exact legacy He intended.

Today I remember YOU!

Because whether you have carried a child in your womb or carried a child in your arms or carried the memory of a child in your heart or carry the hope of a child in your arms in the future…you my friend are worthy of this same spotlight.

You were designed perfectly by a perfect creator!

God is not done with YOU!

“You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out!” Wonder (the movie)

You are and will be remembered ♥️

Written by: Liz Coffel

#remembered #designed #flawless

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