There will be breakthrough!

Want to know what I have been praying for?!


Great word right! Light at the end of the tunnel.

Lord knows Michigan needs this right now. Our entire nation needs breakthrough right now!

Breakthrough is a sudden, dramatic development. It is a noun. This word requires many verbs to come before it though. Breakthrough does not happen without action!

The verbs and actions that have to take place before the breakthrough are not always comfortable. They will not always give you the warm and fuzzies.

Sometimes the breakthrough we are praying for will require us to go against the grain. Stand for what you believe in. Do what is right and just.

There once was a King. This king had a golden statue cast it was HUGE! 90 feet tall and 9 feet wide. It was set at the city center and this King decreed that ALL people would comply and when instructed would bow and worship this statue. The failure to do so would result in them being burned alive.

Out of fear many people followed this decree without question or hesitation. But a few feared God more than the King of the land and the decrees he had made.

Word got back to the King that three men defied his decree and refused to comply. The King had the men brought before him. He offered them one more chance to comply to which they refused.

The three young men informed the King that they did not need to defend themselves before him. For if they were burned to death their God would save them. Their God would rescue them from the King’s power. And even if their God did not they made it clear they would NEVER serve the King’s Gods or worship his golden statue.

The furious King ordered them to be burned to death. In fact he ordered the furnace to be heated to sevens times the normal temp. It was said to be so hot that the solders that had bound the three men and thrown them in were killed by the flames.

So was this the end? Had they now become martyrs?

Exactly the opposite occured!


H A P P E N E D!

Because these few refused to let the fear of men, and the decrees of the King cripple them they received their rescue and along with that breakthrough for not only them but their people too.

It was said that the King saw within the flames not 3 but 4 men walking around unbound! Three were thrown in and their God showed up!

They exited the flames untouched!

The King praised their God!

A new decree was given that restored their rights and respect for their religion. And they were promoted by the very King that had condemned them to death.

The King was Nebuchadnezzar. The three men were Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. And the God these three men followed, the God that rescued them and gave breakthrough is the same God we serve and follow today!
(Daniel 3)

In only takes a few! We can stand for what is right and just and respectfully reclaim what is rightfully ours!

Pray up!

Step up!

Stand up!

Then and only then will there be breakthrough!

Written by: Liz Coffel
Designed to Inspire with Liz Coffel
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