MI Happy Place

R E C L A I M your happy space!

For months now we here in MI have sheltered in place to assist in flattening the curve.

Unfortunately a negative impact no one saw coming was a flattening of so many other things.

Like once thriving businesses discussing if they can continue on or do they close their doors for good. Families hesitant to re engage in their communities because they have been sheltering in place so long. Individuals suffering in so many ways….mentally, physically, emotionally, financially.

Our happy place now felt more like a prison with no expiration of our sentences.

I dare say that while the COVID 19 Virus has been present and for some life threatening I believe the extended shelter in place with no end in sight has been the most deadly.

This weekend our family said enough is enough. My father in law who finished cancer treatment weeks ago and my mother in law said let’s do a family cook out! So guess what we did!!!! And it restored and renewed us all.

Then the next day we had a cook out with my mom and nieces at our house. We sat on the deck after eating and just simply enjoyed each other’s physical presence.

It was beyond amazing!

Point of the story is we all in MI have done our part….the curve has flattened. It is time to reclaim our emotions, finances, physical and mental health. It is far past time to get reengaged and get things going.

It is time to reclaim
“our happy place”.

Take it from someone who did just that this weekend….it is just what you and what we all need!

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