Get off that mountain!

I continue my read through Joyce Meyers The Battlefield of the Mind and continue to be blown away!

For years I have circled the same mountain. My mountain has been selfishness and control. The constant need for things to go as I plan vs what He has planned. And when things didn’t go as I planned the anxiety and even anger would be out of control. This not only damaged me but those I dearly loved as well. It shaped my reality and theirs.

So when the book referenced Deuteronomy Chapter 1:2 where essentially Moses told the Israelites that their journey geographicly was only 11 days in length yet it had taken them 40 years my mind was blown.

I (like the Israelites) have been taking a journey God never intended for me. I have been circling and much worse dwelling on this mountain far longer than God intended me to. But my unwillingness to release control and give up my selfish ways was preventing God from changing the course.

In Deuteronomy Chapter 1:6 God says:

You have dwelt long enough on this mountain!

He goes on to tell them to turn and take up their journey to take possession of the promise Land.

I have dwelt on mount selfishness and control long enough! It is time to jump up! To turn and take my journey into the promise Land he has for me!

What mountain are you dwelling on? Is it one God has you on or is it one you have climbed under your own power? Is it time to leave that mountain and release control to God?

I encourage you to do some self reflection as I did and take assessment of what mountain you may be dwelling on.

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Photo credit: Paiton Bartz

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