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Our God is a Healer.

He is a God of Restoration.

I believe he would rather restore than heal.

It just takes us grabbing a hold of that truth. Believing He can restore us fully. No scabs or scars left from the sickness or battle. But fully cleansed and restored as if it had never occurred.

He doesn’t do things half way! We sometimes only see the healing vs restoration as we place limits on His true capabilities. And unfortunately sometimes we don’t even see the healing as we just don’t think it can really happen.

He still heals! He still restores! He is limitless! The restoration is right there, ask for it, accept it, and give Him the glory for the outcome!

One of the 10 Samaritans who was healed of leprosy in Luke 17:11-19 came back to praise and thank Jesus for the healing. It was this action that set him apart from the other 9 as His thankfulness made him whole. He received restoration!

What He did in Luke 17 can, is and will be done today!

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