Land of the Free

It was about a month ago now that I was at the check out line in my local Meijer and I was sporting my new tank top that says “Land of the Free”. The cashier said “I know of some people that would disagree with that statement”.

My reply was that we are still a land of the free. People need to stand their ground and in some cases take back their freedoms.

He agreed.

So on this Independence Day I want to talk to those who maybe would disagree about this statement:

“Land of the Free”

In Galatians 5:1 Paul reminds us that Christ has truly set us free. He goes on to tell us to make sure that we stay free and don’t get tied up again in bondage.

Christ set us free! (spiritually). Many brave men and women in uniform have fought to ensure we could maintain the freedoms we have today (physically).

We have to continue to remind ourselves that no one or thing can separate us from Christ. No one or thing can separate us from being free!

So if you today are feeling like our land is not the land of the free remind yourself of where your freedom comes from! Jesus is and always will be with us…therefore this will always be the Land of the Free!

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