Falling in love with Color Street

Any ladies relationship with Color Street goes through a few phases.

Phase 1: Really DRY nail polish? No way!

Many of us started out with Color Street with a FREE sample. A set called a twosie. Two dry nail strips to let us “try before you buy”. We get our samples with a simple set of instructions:

Step 1: remove any existing polish, push back those cuticles, and make sure the nail is clean. A good stylist will even give you an alcohol wipe with your sample. Use this to ensure the nail bed is squeaky clean.

Step 2: Open up the sample and decide what finger (or two) on each hand you want to apply them to. I did my ring fingers.

Step 3: Cut the excess of the strip off at the top of your nail by using your thumb nail.

Step 4: Hold you hand back and marvel at what you just experienced. Pinch yourself! YES it is real.

If you haven’t entered this phase and are now curious click below for a free sample 😉

Phase 2: I need them all!!!!!

Once you slapped those samples on you are hooked! Nail polish that requires no dry time, no smudges, no smears, all this in the safety of your own home! And the best part is when you are done your nails look like you just walked out of a nail salon!

You become a customer. You take advantage of the great deals they offer ALL the time! Like B3G1 FREE on glitters, solids, and nail art designs and even B1G1 on French sets!

While these deals are AMAZING you are informed of the great deals you can get as a host! And you decide to host your own nail bar and earn FREE and discounted Color Street nails to build your personal stash.

You host, have an amazing time, and learn your friends too think it is AMAZING! You cash out your host rewards and fan out all those sets and think WOW!

Phase 3: Cash Back? YES!

I myself started at phase 1 then moved to 2 and then after hosting and getting 18 sets of Color Street for under $40 with FREE shipping decided that being a stylist was for me!

I knew I was hooked and would be a repeat customer! So why not be my own best customer and get 25% cash back in my pocket just even from my own purchases right?

And because my friends loved it so much I had the start of my customer base from my very own nail bar!

Having done direct sales before with companies that offered a variety of different products Color Streets Stylist program and business model was outstanding.

I mean think about it:

1 product

2 customer specials (B3G1 & B1G1)

A consumable product (repeat orders)

Made in the USA

It works!

And ladies love it!

Overall Color Street has something to offer anyone really! Be a tester, become a customer, decide to host and maybe even become a Stylist like me!

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