Showing Color Street Solids Some Love

If you have followed my Color Street journey you know I am a Color Street glitter junkie! I love the sparkle the glitters offer and I also love how forgiving them are if you do make an slight error when applying.


I will be honest I have been a customer or Color Street since their early days of launching into the Direct Sales business model and have only applied a solid set once before this weekend. I know ask myself WHY? Solids are timeless and classic and beautiful!

I do a “Just Another #ManiMonday” reveal on my Pinterest Page EVERY Monday! (

So EVERY Sunday I remove my Color Street set from the week before and slap on a new set! This Sunday I applied the London Calling solids seen in the image above! They are absolutely stunning!

When applying solids I do feel you need to slow down and really take your time as they are not as forgiving as the glitters. Also to help extend the life of your solids it is highly recommended to apply the Clear As Day sets over them. This helps by adding an extra layer of protection and prevent chipping as chipping on solids are way more noticeable than on glitters.

If you love Color Street but haven’t ventured much past their amazing glitter and nail art designs shades into the solids category I hop this post inspires you to show some love to the solids!

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