Happy Thanksgiving!

2020 has presented many reasons to be unthankful. But I urge you today and every day to reach deep inside your heart and vocalize or write down what you are thankful for!

One amazing thing that has developed out of 2020 is this father, daughter duo. They bless me so much and my hope is they inspire and bless you too.

Today, Thanksgiving 2020, may look a bit different but one thing that this world can never change is our posture of being thankful. Today I am thankful for so many things!

Thankful for….

Living in a country that as of this moment I am free to worship and praise my heavenly Father!

My spouse, kid, and family!

My home which provides shelter for those I love.

My job that helps provide for my family.

So tell me in the comments what are you thankful for today!

Sharing is Caring!

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