Wake up! Watch out?


I have a dear friend who has and continues to battle big things in life! Her mantra is “Choose Joy”!

I was sitting here this morning reflecting on everything and it occurred to me that we live in a time that most days we are wearing our joy right on our sleeves.

Ready for the taking! We MUST continue to Choose Joy, but even more we must wake up and be on watch to ensure we are not allowing our joy to be stolen. Guard it because your life depends on it!

You see the devil doesn’t always, if ever, show right up in his true colors from the get go. He likes to sneak around, play dress up in disguises to trick me and you into believing that what he proposes or is offering is the right choice or the way to be or go.

You see he is an expert! He has spent his entire existence doing what he does. He only mission is to steal, kill and destroy God’s creation. And he will do just about anything to accomplish this.

He could use a post on Facebook, the slow driver in front of you, the surprise bill that arrives in your mailbox…the list can go on and on. He knows that these are easy and simple ways to gain access to our joy.

We as Christians have let our guards down too much! It is time to wake up! It is time to watch out! When situations arise that our reaction is the exact opposite of responding with joy, love and gratitude we need to stop dead in our tracks and recognize the potential security breach! Then we need to put all forces (His Word) on the job and plug the access point! Make it clear to the devil that we will not allow him access! Speak the word to the circumstance as the devil will flee when he is combatted with the true word of God!

I leave you with this! Use it the next time you feel a security breach!

The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.
John 10:10 NLT


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