Your toes are two Color Street samples away from gorgeous!

I was sitting drinking my coffee one Saturday morning in December when I gazed down at my toes. I had about an inch left on my big toe of a color street nail strip I applied in September! A testimony of just how long these strips last on your toe nails!

Now I have super tiny toe nails (other than my big toe), so a full Color Street nail set would be wasteful. So I thought, hmmm…let me take two of my sample packs and see if I can create a beautiful new pedicure.

Sample packs from Color Street are essentially a small sealed package of one shade color that contains two nails strips. For this project I chose Sahara Jewel and Tokyo Lights. Something new I tried was applying the nail strengthener first and allowing it to dry before applying my nail strip polish. I had been asked if this would work or not so I though what the heck I will try it on my toes!

I then took the larger strip from the Sahara jewel I removed the clear film layer from the top and holding it horizontal I cut it in half. I applied one half, horizontally to each big toe.

I then took the smaller strip from each package and holding it vertically I cut it down the center and cut chunks out applied to the small toe nails. I staggered the colors for a mixed Pedi look. After I was completely done I took the larger strip from the Tokyo Lights sample pack and holding it vertically I cut a strip from the center and then cut that in half. I applied this strip to the center of each big toe!

And here are my results!

And by the way so far applying the strengthener before the Color Street nail strip has caused no issues!

I also would note had I not wanted a mixed pedi look I could have accomplished a full pedi with just one sample set.

If you haven’t tried Color Street yet let me send you a sample!

Want to learn more about Color Street or order? Click the button below

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