Where is your faith?


This is the very question Jesus posed or to me rather rebuked his disciples with in Luke chapter 8 verses 22-25. In this encounter Jesus was said to be settled in for a nap on the boat as they were crossing to the other side of the lake. His disciples were awake and battling raging winds and waves. They were terrified as the boat was being overtaken by the storm. They woke Jesus and He calmed the storm with His hand. And as mentioned earlier Jesus said “Where is your faith?”.

I can imagine the disappointment Jesus must have felt. These individuals were the very one who sat at the feet of the Messiah, who in person witnessed the wonders and miracles yet still lacked the faith and trust that the storms would not overtaken them for He was with them.

Yet another instance where the disciples were focusing on the storm vs their savior can be found in Matthew 14:24-32. Jesus sensed trouble for His disciples and Him being on land and them being in the boat on stormy waters, Jesus walked to them. They couldn’t believe their eyes seeing a figure walking on the water towards them. They again were terrified and thought He was a ghost. Even when Jesus said who He was they still lacked the faith to believe. Peter took it farther by saying if you are who you say you are have me come to you on the water. Jesus said “Yes come”. Peter climbed out of the boat onto the water. He was fine at first but when His focus shifted to the waves and he began to sink. Jesus immediately reached to save him. Once back on the boat the storm ceased. Jesus said to Peter “You have so little faith, why did you doubt me?”.

From both of these encounters we can see that we are affected by what we focus on. You see Jesus invites us to climb inside the boat, find rest and ultimately find faith! I am not suggesting we be found asleep to the world and everything swirling around us. But I am suggesting that we be found at peace with Jesus! In such close communication with Him that though storms may rage around us we know He is with us! He will save us! He will calm the storm with His hand at just the right time!

Where is our faith? Where is our focus?

Remember we are affected by what we focus on. Be affected by Jesus

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