2020 A Year of Greatness


I always take time before the New Year dawns to really ask God what word or message He has for me for the coming year. I can vividly recall this time, last year God speaking to my heart the word Greatness (or in Hebrew Gedullah). I was so pumped! YES Lord a year filled with greatness! In fact I made this collage from this word He spoke to me!

I don’t think I clearly realized what God was speaking before the dawn of 2020 when He impressed upon me the word Greatness. You see I was beyond excited for a year of great things for my life. That is always our first mistake. Making the revelation He whispers in our ears all about us.

What I now clearly see about this word in reflecting on all the Gedullah that has transpired in 2020 is that the greatness He was whispering was more about going through great trials but still finding His greatness in the midst of it all.

2020 for sure has presented vast amounts of mysteries and trials. COVID-19, a global pandemic, election upsets, parents becoming teachers, lunch ladies and so much more! We no longer feel we live in a normal world. It doesn’t take but a few steps outside your doorstep to see our world has changed drastically this year. We no longer can see the beautiful smiles of a stranger due to masks everywhere. We no longer gather as much as we used too with family and friends.

Through all the greatness that 2020 has presented you know what remains normal? The same? Unchanging? Our Savior! He has and always will remain a constant in an ever changing, immoral world. I am thankful that even during the darkest moments of this year I have been able to see His greatness all around me and at work!

Just last week my big sister (38 years old) got a Colon Cancer diagnosis which has rocked her world and our families world. Yes 2020 has been a year of greatness!

So you remember when I said this time each year I try and quiet my soul and listen to what God is speaking over me and in me for the New Year? Well he did just that on a drive back home last week. It wasn’t what I expected at all! The word was PRAISE! Choose Praise! I got the sense in my spirit from God that 2021 would present a vast amount of obstacles for me and my family but that all of them we will scale if we are found Praising Him through the storms!

So Praise we will do! Every obstacle that comes our way in 2021 I know I will take time to breathe, spend time with Him, Thank Him, and Praise Him!

Take time today to reflect on 2020 and ask God to speak to your heart on what He wants to you to focus and cling to as we embark on 2021.

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